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Braking Issue

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I bought a 1998 S70 T5 on Monday and the car is absolutely amazing (showing it off will be in a thread real soon
). Anyway it's all fantastic, except for a clutch that is on its last legs, but the brakes are somewhat of an issue, I just don't want them to die on me going down a mountain road.
Anyway when I press the brakes down I get the initial slowing down when the pedal is pressed about an inch forward, but after that it feels very squishy and I can press the pedal down almost 5 inches or so and the braking pressure won't increase, and I have to press the pedal almost all the way to the floor. The weird part is if I take my foot off then put it right back on, the brakes feel normal. I'm thinking this is either A. Air in the brake lines, or B. the brake master cylinder is having an issue. What do you think the issue might be?

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You are probably correct on your assumptions. You might as well bleed the brakes first, since that is the cheaper of the two. Check for fluid leaks out of the booster as well. If I can remember these have a check valve in the booster that goes bad quite frequently.
Re: (jrodT5)

I had a feeling it was probably those two things, I just wanted to get more opinions before I did anything right off the bat. Thank you very much. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (GrayGhostVA)

Not to get all gloomy and doomy,
but the first thing you might consider is Stop Driving It!
Funky brakes =
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Re: Braking Issue (GrayGhostVA)

Just an update. I bled the brakes and all the brake fluid was almost black/brown, which is not right considering brake fluid is usually clear as water. On top of that not being good and needing to be changed, it also fixed my problem, I must've had air in the lines, luckily not something expensive or anything having to do with the master cylinder. Thank you jrodT5 for the suggestions and everyone else.
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Re: Braking Issue (GrayGhostVA)

SS lines and new fluid will make a world of difference.
These cars do not like old fluid and for some reason it becomes contaminated and black more easily than other cars do.
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