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If you want to read the text use google chrome with auto translation from Swedish to English. The video itself comes with English subtitles.

But in short. The test compares three models (the video shows only two)

This is using google translate app:

On our test track, we test both fast acceleration and braking. We always make six braking and stopping distances reported are the average value. To stop a car from 100 km / h takes around 36-37 meters. A really good car like the Mercedes C 220, pass it on 35 meters. It is extremely rare braking distance is over 40 meters.

Therefore, we were very surprised when the Range Rover Sport stopped after 42 meters. In particular, the car boasts tires in size 275 / 40-22, which in principle should tear along the tarmac when you stand on the brakes. Sexkolvsoken from Brembo are big and red as the baboon asses, but does not seem to do much good.

The Volvo XC90 does a better job and stay at decent 36 meters. Audi Q7, which is also included in the test, but not seen in the film, will be standing after 36.4 meters. In an emergency makes every decimeter difference. It is mainly about the risk of severe injury. It is said that the limit of fatal injury when colliding with a car going at 30-35 km / h.

The entire test with the Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC90, you can download and read here.

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