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Brake pedal mushy (850-1995)

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I replaced all rotors and calipers with aftermarket hardware.
I have done this before with good success on a 2001 XC-70.
I used Powerbleed and assumed that I had all the air eliminated from the brake lines since no air was coming out of any of the four calipers. Unfortunately no joy, pedal still sinks and requires a few quick pushes to get hard. I tried to bleed them again the traditional method and the Powerbleed with no success. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Brakes worked OK before replacement, so I assume that the Master brake cylinder is still good.
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Re: Brake pedal mushy (amsatbuf)

Were the metal springs on the face of the caliper reinstalled correctly? If they're not on right, the pedal will be very soft and sink way down.

The video on this page can be a good guide if you're not sure:
Re: Brake pedal mushy (VTT5)

Thanks, I think so, but I will check for sure.
Would you know why that would be the case? I cannot quite see the cause/effect here.
Re: Brake pedal mushy (amsatbuf)

I know from experience.

It seems to allow the caliper to rotate a bit, preventing it from applying good clamping force.
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