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Brake pads

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I think this has been asked, but Im gonna give my situation and see if its the same. I want some information on the Volvo brake systems for one. I understand that they are sliding caliper, and it looks like they use one caliper per brake, I would think they would use two, but whatever. I have on my car the Power Slot Rotors and pbr brake pads. I also have the Steel braided brake lines, but I need to install those still. I have had them for 2 years now sitting on my workbench, I know its sad. I bought all the stuff on an IPD brake sale, they had all the stuff at a good price. Anyway, my brakes have squealed bad ever since, and as things wear, it seems to get worse. I used to think it was because the pads had to warm up, but I think it gets worse with warmth. It only squeals when at a certain point, its not about brake pressure, it does it from when you first press the pedal to when you are almost stopped. I had that brake squeal goo put on them along with the shims in the rear. I have been assuming its the pads and I need new pads anyway. Anyone know what the problem is? Should I get the PBR pads again, or are others like the EBC pads a better choice? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hey help me please, I want to know what to do. I would really appreciate a recomendation on brakes. I would like to add something also. I understand that Sliding calipers, what volvo uses, is an efficiant cheap way to have disc brakes, but not the best performing. One person told me they offer less clamping power, but that also means less heat and stress on the rotors. We all know how bad the stock rotors were at warping, so upgraded rotors make sense. Besides the extreme expense, I dont want to use one of the big brake kits because it requires 17" wheels, something I dont want to do in the winter. Is there any way to convert the stock system to something using fixed calipers(is that what they are called). I would want something with two or 4 pistons so I could have the increased biting abilities they offer. I have the slotted rotors, and may go to slotted and drilled next, as they offer a reduction in heat, but also a reduction in surface area, I think extra gripping would be needed. Anyway, if all you can add is some good pads, let me know what you all have used and like. If anything I say is in error, let me know, I like to learn, but often get wrong info in the process from others who only think they know. Thanks.
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hmm i dont no much about the brakeing systems on these cars..maybe ill pull the front end down on my mums car tomorow.any way i can't help you. i think the brakes on my mums 850R is just dandy. but ming due i dont drive it alot. il just stick to my old beasts. best of luck!
I have the same set up you do on my 854. The rotors them selves are still questionable in my mind as to weather or not they will last as long as the originals did, I'll see. I had the PBRs installed for about two weeks worth of putting up with the squealing and trying grease and shims but nothing we tried would make them quiet. I went back to oe pads and that's fine with me, I'll take the quiet braking over other possible gains, not to mention the rotors should last longer using the oe pads. The biggest actual gain there is probably with the SS braided hoses. I had to replace one of the rear brake lines all the way back to replace a stripped connection in getting one of the hoses on but that's another story. I had no problem going back to oe pads. Some have had luck too with metal master pads, look around at the forums, (Volvospeed, Brickboard etc...) you should be able to come up with more info.
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Ok well thanks for the info. I was more hoping for someone who had experimented with pads a bit, but sounds like the OE ones are pretty good. Thing is that when you compare friction coefficiants and tempature ranges, the OE's arent that good. I worry about using them on the track or aggressive driving on country roads. I may end experimenting myslef, not like pads are all that expensive. I have seen some though that cost close to two hundred dollars a set, thats a lot for pads, they better be pretty darn good for that price. Ok well thanks again, the post on the squealing was atleast good to know. Im not alone!
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