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After a couple of months of looking around on this forum, i thought it would be time to start a thread on my VR.
Before owning the VR, i had a V40 T4, but i wanted a bigger car, while still getting good performance. The V70R always was a dream car for me, so when my shop had theirs for sale in excellent condition i bought it.

It's a electric silver V70R GT from 2004, i bought it with 185k km (115k miles), and right now it's a little over 200k km's (126k miles).
These were taken when i bought it in november last year.

The car was imported from Italy to my country (The Netherlands) in 2009, since then it had 3 owners, the first two were Volvo enthousiasts and the third was my local shop (they also did the maintenance for this car since 2009), from whom i could buy the car with a discount, so i couldn't say no.

What also persuaded me was that a lot of work had been done to the car recently, including a complete engine (with sleeves) and tranny (with reinforced parts) revision at around 110k miles. Also replaced were the 4c struts in the front, angle gear, tires, brakes, FMIC etcetera etcetera.

The only things i had to replace in the 10 months since i own this car were a pressure sensor, a rear tire because of a nail, a new battery, and the well known heather hose.

The car also came with two exhausts, a custom made 2.5 exhaust, and the IPD exhaust + downpipe. You can guess which one i've been driving with. ;)

One of the first things i did was swapping the gobi interior with a nordkap one, luckily within one month somebody offered a complete nordkap interior, only problem was that is was a RHD interior, so i had to get the front door panels and floor carpets from somewhere else.

I also like having good sound in my car, and even though this one came with the premium sound system, it wasn't as good as what i had in the V40, so i replaced everything with Morel speakers and a Pioneer amplifier, subwoofer and headunit. I tried to keep the stock Volvo radio, but the sound quality just wasn't up to par with a newer unit.

Other recent upgrades are replacing all the interior bulbs (almost 100 dollars for a couple of bulbs :facepalm:)

Replacing the centre console with a facelift one, since it is much better build quality and the old one was broken.

I also decided to make the car quieter with sound deadening and MLV mats, so i had to strip the interior again.

I have to say it made some difference, the car sounds quieter, less vibration and road noise. It sounds a bit more 'muted', as if there is a extra wall between you and the exhaust and exterior noise, which is kind of logical. :whistle:
However, with a loud exhaust, there's only so much you can do.

Upcoming upgrades:
K24/K26 hybrid turbo from shemtek, since my original k24 (bought new in 2015!) was leaking oil, putting out a cloud of blue smoke almost every time i got above 3000 rpm. If it needs to be removed from the car anyway, why not upgrade?

A Forge CBV, Snabb high flow intake kit with the S4 maf and Hilton stage 3 (right now at stage 2). Both needed ofcourse for the upgraded turbo.

A rewrapped steering wheel from redline goods, with alcantara left/right and napa leather top/bottom.

And finally i bought the Ultra racing upper front and lower front braces, after hearing really positive stuff on here.

So within a couple of days the Snabb kit and UR braces will arrive, but the right now the turbo is on it's way to the UK, so driving will be a bit difficult. :D

Mods done:
- Sleeved engine
- Transmission with reinforced parts
- Stainless steele brake lines
- IPD exhaust + downpipe
- Morel speakers + Pioneer HU/sub/amp
- MLV mats + sound deadening
- IPD subframe bushings
- Powerflex strut brace tensioning kit
- Replace Gobi interior with Nordkap
- Replace centre console to facelift version
- Bumper strips painted in same color as car (facelift)
- Rewrapped steering wheel
- K24/K26 hybrid turbo
- Snabb high flow intake kit
- Hilton stage 3
- IPD DeatschWerks 650cc injectors

To be installed:

- UR lower brace

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Out of all of those modifications, I have the IPD Catback exhaust. What do you recommend being the next step as far as modifications are concerned? I'd like to shim the block/new sleeves in a year from now, just a heads up.

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FMIC would be a good upgrade I think.

The IPD subframe bushings are also a great cheap upgrade that makes quite a difference in handling. If you're willing to spend a bit more on handling, the UC braces and/or IPD anti-sway bars would be great as well.

Performance wise I would wait until you're going to shim the block...

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Since the car will have more power and torque after the turbo upgrade, i'm still a bit wary of the aw50 trans, it is rebuild with reinforced parts, but i think i still want to take some extra precautions.

I've searched a bit and found the auxiliary transmission cooler kit from Volvo.

I'm wondering if that's still possible to mount with an FMIC, and would it really help with a 400+ hp car? Couldn't hurt to have a extra cooler right?

EDIT 2: I've looked under the car and the extra OEM trans cooler is already installed. :D Now lets see if it cools enough...

yours didnt come with the factory 3 way system?
It came with the premium system, so tweeters, and mid/low woofers, with pa-300 amplifier.

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After a couple of weeks of delays on the turbo, snabb intake and the steering wheel (customs :angryfire:), i was finally able to install almost everything.

First was the turbo. It was leaking oil before so it had to be revised anyway, so why not upgrade while it's out?
So i sent my turbo to Shemtek and it turned out great. I also bought the Forge CBV, which wasn't installed (with the yellow spring), which makes a great sound.

Next up was the steering wheel, i ordered it from Redline goods, since some people here did the same with nice results.
I chose alcantara with nappa leather and blue stitching.

Now i had to wait for the Snabb high flow intake, which had some massive delays because of customs and the first package getting lost.
Kudos to Snabb for trying the best they could do in this the situation, they were very helpfull with everything.

While the car was standing still, i thought about painting the covers, since they were dirty and full of scratches.
It turned out fine, but the blue paint may be a little too light blue-ish

The Snabb airbox is not the matte black one, since the last one they had in that color was in the missing package, so Snabb will sent me a new one.

While the turbo was being upgraded i read a bit about what else i needed to upgrade when upgrading the turbo, and the injectors also seemed to be sensible.
So i bought Deatschwerks 650cc injectors from IPD, since they were plug & play, and the Hilton stage 3 tune hasn't given me any problems yet.

I also bought the ultra racing upper front and lower front braces. I painted the upper front black, which looks nicer than the original white imo.
I do feel a noticeable difference in directness while steering, the lower front is still on the to-do list.

After driving with it for a couple of days it definitley feels faster, the engine at high rpm sounds 'lower', less scream-ish if you will.
Since the install is also throwing some air leakage codes, so we're not done yet...
ECM-130a intake air leakage & ECM-262A Long-term fuel trim Upper limit
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