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Long time reader, first time poster. Forgive me if I unintentionally break any etiquette rules here. I previously owned a 2012 s60 T5 and just purchased a 2014 xc60 T6 (1 owner, 43K miles). I had my mechanic check out the xc60 and he said it's in great shape and that it had had the front struts replaced. I have an option with the dealer to purchase a 3 year / 36K mile warranty for $2400 (covered by CNA insurance) that covers everything except routine maintenance (e.g. brakes and rotors). I do realize that insurance companies profit on extended warranties and thus for the average person you do not come out ahead.

My question is this - what is the likelihood w/in 3 years that a high cost component (including sensor) goes out / needs replaced? I have the premium package so the xc60 has ACC, BLIS, etc. Does anyone have experience they would be willing to share? I plan to keep the car for about 3-5 years and put < 10k miles on it per year, mostly highway. However, with my previous s60 I had the same driving profile, owned the car for 2 years, and had to replace the front struts ($850).

Any opinions very welcome.

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