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I have a 1997 850 T5 and recently ran my boost at ~18psi which since I had a bone stock 850 caused my rods to bend, me to fry my piston rings, etc. Well I just got the car out of the shop and they told me they set my wastegate to stock specs (9.6psi) however when I floor it I hit about 14.4-15psi which is way above stock. Anywayz I removed my heat shield planning on lengthening my actuator rod a couple of turns to lower the boost when I noticed I no longer have a locking nut, and I cannot turn my actuator rod shorter or longer. Any ideas are appreciated. Also I have a Dawes Devices Boost Controller (race version) that should be here any time, I was wondering if I install it so it bypass ECU control of my car will that fix the problem of me running to high of boost, or will it make it worse to use a MBC when I might have a potential problem with my Wastegate Actuator.
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