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This is also posted in the P80 forum because the car is a P80 but the engine is P2 and i could use all the help i can get.
I purchased a 2000 S70 GLT auto with a blown engine. I swapped in a low mileage T5 engine from an 01 S60 T5. After the swap i was getting fuel trim CEL and intermittent boost problems. SteveO just recently tuned my ECU to play nice with the larger turbo and injectors. Car has more torque and shift points seem higher. And no more CEL for fuel trims !! Sometimes the car boosts and sometimes nothing. I installed a boost gauge and when it does boost im only boosting to 5psi. Steve tuned the ECU to boost to 15. Following parts have been replaced and troubleshooting thus far...

New silicone hoses from turbo to TCV
New Pierburg TCV
New PCV system
Did cigar smoke test and no major leaks to intercooler piping
Bought a hand held vac pump and diaphrams for the CBV and wastegate held at 5 "
Wastegate adjusted to fully closed position. This turbo dosent have the thimble adjustment that i thought all P2's came with ?
ETM passed the sweep test in VIDA
Car idles perfectly and accelerates with no hesitation
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Im so close to having this car running properly.
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