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boost gauge

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just couldn't decide on what to buy, so i figured i'd turn to here and see what everyone's running in their car! Let me know what brand and model the gauge is and if you have pics! Thanks!
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Re: boost gauge (Mika)

That looks awesome are you using a pod around it?
Re: boost gauge (brbevil)

Quote, originally posted by brbevil »
That looks awesome are you using a pod around it?

yep, I made one:
Re: boost gauge (timwu12)

it's a stock wrx boost gauge. Those guys throw them away like it has superaids or something. matches my green backlight/orange needles perfectly
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There is always this option.


I've been working on this for quite some time for my T5. It's a lot easier to get a black cluster than an R cluster. I don't have any pics of mine yet. It's still being assembled.

No vacuum though.
Give me the 411 on the WRX gauge, what years where u picked it up etc. Exactally what I was looking for.
Re: (luckbuck)

just go to nasioc.com and put up a wanted ad. Most wrx owners just throw these away(I found mine on the ground near the dumpster outside a tuner shop in fort lee, nj) so just go around and offer them 5 bucks. Most of them are too stupid to read out in atmospheric pressures anyway. if your an engineering major or in the engineering field, i'm sure you'll appreciate the standard atmosphere readouts as much as I do. I just got used to it.

just drill the screws into the cover plate over the steering column and fish the wires down the column and to the firewall. fairly standard boost gauge install. sits perfectly flush to the steering wheel as you can see and colors match up EXACTLY.
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Re: boost gauge (Mika)


Now for the really big question, where do I get power for the backlight on the boost gauge.

I'm thinking of the little pod that IPD is selling to mount up near the A pillar on top of the dash for one.


'01 V70 T5M 199,712 miles (almoe 200K!!!!)

Modified by Landru at 2:19 AM 3-22-2009
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Re: boost gauge (Landru)

Fuse box is easiest place. It's right next to the instrument panel (cigarette lighter fuse). You can also get dimmed supply from the emergency flasher switch back light.
Although this is in regards to a P2, on my S70, I tied into a line off of my dimmer wheel...this way when I dim the other lights my boost gauge responds the same way.
Re: (MadeInJapan)

I did the same in my Chevy. But the dimmer wheel in P2 is just a signal to the DIM to set the voltage level to the lights, IIRC. It can't drive much current.
I think the bulb in mine is only about a watt...would that be too much? Could be a good question for Lucky at IPD but he's on vacation until 3-30.
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