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DON'T BUY IT!!! The Volvo Bluetooth option is nothing more than an overpriced Motorola interface that you can find much cheaper aftermarket, or even on eBay (it really is the same exact unit). Another option is a line from a company named Parrot that is a little compelling. Parrot makes a low-profile model that I find more attractive than the Volvo/Motorola unit and they also have fancier models with text displays, voice dialing, the works. Or if you really want to go nuts, you can have a small LCD showing you a photo of who is calling. I am ordering a Parrot with the text display to install in our Honda Pilot (the guinnea pig of our garage). The deal closer was the blue backlighting to compliment the R's guages.

Here's a link to the Parrot website...

Volvo Interface Kit:

- Tryg
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