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Hello all,

I want a new radio on my vehicle. It is Volvo S60, model year 2004, so I believe that a Bluepower's unit BLP-890 fits perfectly in my car. What I have heard, BLP-890 is plug & play with my Volvo, so I do not have to cut any wires or even buy another frame, just remove old one, attach the wires at a BLP-890 and install it and that's it. Is it truth, that after installing this new one, the air conditioning, which includes all buttons at the control panel won't work anymore? Perhaps it was caused by forget to switch power completely off. What do you guys think, should I buy and install this?

And Bluepower itself, has there support who actually can help if you have any questions? How about product delivery, of course it depends many cases, but how long that will took? And if there have been any issues, how are them fixed? How about warranty, how long it be?

And yes, my english is quite sad :rolleyes: hopefully you understand however.

Thanks for answers!
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