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I have a 1990 volvo 240 DL Manual M47 (201K) . I planned to change my gear oil and differential oil . The drain plug of differential (most probably 1031) has become rounded and it is still frozen
. I have tried heat ,rattle- PB Blaster - 6point socket etc.
In case I have to change it what is the thread and pitch of that plug and what can be the likely source of that plug .

The blower fan behaves erraticly . At speed 1 and 2 it runs for a while and then dies IF i change the speed back to 3 rd and then again to 2nd it again runs for a while then stops . There is liitle whining sound as well afte a while . What can be the issue . If it is the resistor from where I can source that .
If it is the lubrcation then what is the best way to do it .


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Re: Blower issues and Thread and pitch of differential drain plug (gopesh)

A replacement plug may be found at a nearby PA Pick-a-Part salvage yard - call first. To access the blower motor resistor requires just as much work as replacing the blower, switches, resistor, relays, heater core/hoses, vacuum lines, etc.


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