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I replaced the blower motor resistor in Aug with an aftermarket, after not being able to control fan speed. I also replaced the fan speed knob since the 'tri star' was broken, and would just keep spinning .
It resolved the erratic fan speen.

In Nov. the Alternator Regulator went while driving. A Christmas tree light display on dash, every message from air bags, skid control, reduced power, and charging system was overcharging the battery.
When i pulled over, the blower motor kept running, even after the key was out of the ignition.

The truck was towed to the closest indie. His thorough diagnosis / explanation and on line reviews boosted my confidence, so i agreed to have him do the necessary work.

My blower fan has been erratic since getting her back.
Blows high, then i set to auto, have to fiddle with Temps on both sides, then i could get 1,2 and 3.....im afraid to go higher, because it will just jump to max speed. ...and adjusting temp is too trickHis.

His explanation was a new panel, and has to be reprogrammed.
Can i swap one from a junker ? or my S60 just to test it?
Xemodex has some listed, but i dont see one for this model.

I'm at my wits end. We're thinking of trading her in for another Xc90.
Nothing else is wrong.

Should i just take it to stealership?
What alternatives do i have?
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