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Blow off valve failure? (BOV, CRV, CBD??) I know it's not a true BOV...but it failed..

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Has this happened to anyone? Car is a 2005 with 10k on the clock - wife called and said the R had no power on the highway.... Dealer had it fixed in 20 mins...so that's the good news...what does this part cost and is the failure rate high?

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Re: Blow off valve failure? (needsdecaf)

The TCV is NOT connected to the CBV. The CBV is directly connected to the intake manifold and is purely mechanical, responding to vacuum and boost.

The TCV is fed with raw boost from the compressor side of the turbo. It is a solenoid valve with a PWM signal from the ECU. Its controlled output goes to the wastegate actuator (dashpot).

It the TCV sticks open the boost will never go over ~ 4 psi. If it sticks closed (more rare) overboost will occur and a limp mode kicks in will reduced fuel as I recall.
Re: Blow off valve failure? (tmtalpey)

Quote, originally posted by tmtalpey »
I stand corrected. I thought the third hose went to the CBV. Where does it go?

post -MAF intake pipe
Re: Blow off valve failure? (Needsdecaf)

related info...

the line labeled Bypass Valve goes to the CBV

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