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Blitz DC boost gauge installion Q

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I know there have been a few Blitz gauge installations lately, and I have one myself just not yet installed.

I was wondering if anyone who has installed has any information on how to wire it. The manual is in Japanese.......I do have a translator on the hook, but as a last resort.....

I merely just want the wiring breakdown and any help would be muych appreciated!!!!

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Re: Blitz DC boost gauge installion Q (blot)


I did send you an email to your yahoo some time last week, but I don't think it ever went through for some reason or another.

I'm only hooking up a boost gauge right now.....until I figure out what other information I want to view.

Thanks again.

Re: Blitz DC boost gauge installion Q (xenophobic)

Quote, originally posted by xenophobic »
Which gauges will you install?

If only boost you will use the electric socket and the pipe.Nothing else.

You will connect the T pipe on the green point at this picture.(I first connected to wrong place but this picture is the place where you have to connect)
Lenghten the pipe to the Live Unit of Blitz.
Next to the steering wheel,find an empty fuse which activated by the key.
Create a good design for your gauge.

And it is finished.

It's really that easy???? I thought it was going to be a bit more challenging....

Do you know all the function of this gauge? I know it does a little more than just measure realtime boost.....like max boost recall and a few other geewiz type functions....

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