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Re: BLIS - IEEE Spectrum Recognition (rogersampson)

Interesting article. I wouldn't mind having BLIS but not for $770! The other volvo forum, mostly european drivers that have had it for a while now, have commented that it falses a lot.

I wonder how I'd adjust to having a feature like that. Would I eventually stop looking over my shoulder? In a way it's also scary. It's actually the first system I can think of with the potential to have a driver move their car in a certain direction without looking.

What happens if the system is off? What if somebody turns it off accidentally or they just forget they turned it off? How does the driver know?

I can imagine the headlines now. "But officer, BLIS told me it was safe to change lanes!"

If the blind spot issue was really that serious, then why doesn't Volvo offer side mirrors with the integrated smaller mirror designed to show the blind spot? One could always purchase and stick on too. Such a complex fix to a simple problem.

And the reality of it is that IMO, most often I've looked left, I've looked over my shoulder, it's clear, I start changing lanes but then somebody else shoots in there. Or I'm on the outside (of at least a 3 lane highway) changing lanes into the middle and somebody on the other outside is doing the same.
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