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Bitch Bitch Bitch, damn dealership

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Excuse my language, but Im a bit upset at the moment. Oh dont worry, I will get over it, but I needed to vent. I go into the dealership because my AC isnt working well. Its been over 100 the past few days, in New York no less, and in the 80's-90's alot. They tell me that its probably cuz its so hot but that they would check it out anyway. Then they come back and tell me I have no coolant in the AC lines so they needed to be refilled and that they would put some tracing dye in the lines so find a leak. I go back a week later, they tell me it will take just an hour to check, and it ends up taking 6 hours for them to tell me my compressor has leak. Well they mis-spoke, the condensor coil has a leak, which is in the dash apparently, and I have to remove all my car stereo stuff before they can work on it. So anyway, its gonna take 8 hours to put in the new coil, and will be covered by the extended warranty. I just got done removing all the stereo equipment from the front of the car. For those of you not familiar with my car, look at my site and you will see why it was such a pain. I have 3 pairs of rca lines running into the dash, extra power wires galore, 6 runs of speaker wire, the two pods, etc etc. It took me a while to get it all apart. I have decided to make lemonade out of my lemons and use this time to fix up the wireing and replace some of it. I have a few lines of wire in the car that are not being used because they are from past installs and too much of a pain to remove in the past. Add some more deadening material to the car. Make new brackets for the kick pods. Run better RCA cords and speaker wires for the system. So two good things have come out of this headache, I can improve my system while its apart, and my AC will work better than new, yay! Ok Im done, and no I havent been letting this problem rule my life. What a life when my biggest problem is that I have to remove 5000 dollars worth of equipment from my Volvo because the AC isnt working, I mean there are starving kids in the world right. Hehe! Thanks for listening.
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Originally posted by pj's 850:
I have to remove 5000 dollars worth of equipment from my Volvo because the AC isnt working, I mean there are starving kids in the world right. Hehe! Thanks for listening.

I'm not tring to come off mean but I hope that $5000.00 is a exaggeration.
Actually no its not really an exageration. If you check my site and look at what the components I have are, you will see damn near that amount. I guess Im probably including some of the install costs I have gathered in this and custom pieces I have had made, but still, its a whole lot of money. I know Im a sad sad little man, hehe. Hey its a hobby and a competition, something I happen to find worthwhile.
Oh not to get too defensive of my system, but much has changed since I did that site. I believe its all updated words wise but not picture wise. I will completely redo the site when I get the new pictures up, but I want to make things look like I want before I put the pics up. I have a new headunit now. That thing alone was over 1200 dollars, retail.
Hey, gotta have hobbies!!
That would make me pretty happy too!!
Very nice.
Nothing wrong with having tunes in the ride. I have done my entire system with 16 Polk Audio DB-series speakers, SC-901 head, and several amps. Factory look...great sound.

Enjoy having fun spending the money if you've got it...after all, it's your money!

I wasnt expecting that, I was expecting more crap from people, but thats cool. Its a hobby and it is my money. I dont have Polk in my car, but the DB sereries is very respectable. If you look at my site now you can see how I was using my stock headunit. That was the third incarnation of the system. First used door pod located speakers in the lower section of the door, eclipse headunit with voice command and navigation. Then it transformed into a video multimedia setup consisting mostly of clarion, then I put a three way component set upfront, lots of bass in the back, and it all got to be too much. Amazingly enough, well I dont find it amazing, but anyway, what I have now was to simplify things, and Im much happier now. It sounds so much better at the moment than it ever has before.
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Like I said before I didn't want to be a **** , but when I saw the site with your car, with the stock head unit . I couldn't see $5000.00 in your car. I didn't know you had replaced your headunit

If I told you how much I had in my car I don't think you would believe me!! It can add up fast!!
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I can relate to spending serious $$$ as well. Between the Polks, cables, amps, head-unit, and all those little extras...I would have been able to have the down payment for the S60 R!!!

I know you werent trying to be an ass. Infact, till you mentioned it, I didnt realize that you had based that on anything, I thought you were giving me the typical, who would spend that much money on there system. Ther is far and away more than 5000 dollars worth of audio in that car, but its cool. The HPX goes for like 279 dollars, those speakers are like 750 dollars a set, the extra focal tweeters are another 250 dollars, 500 for the kickpods, 1200 for the new headunit, 400 for the new sub, 600 for the box, 500 for the sub amp, 300 for the high amp, 150 for the crossovers, another grand in labor costs, 300 in wire and etc. costs, it all adds up. I really only had to remove the stuff from the front of the car so whatever, I was exagerating, it was pissing me off I guess. You spend so much time not only installing the stuff but getting it just right. Aiming the kicks that last bit, tightening the screws that last amount, getting everything so it looks just so, etc. etc., and then you have to rip it all out and do it again.
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No kidding, it can add up fast! Just last week I sat down and started to add everthing in the car .
Here is the list
  • iPd ecu $895
  • iPd strut bar $200
  • MBC $35
  • custom exhaust/cat $500
  • oem wing $200
  • trip computer $150
  • slotted/drilled $250
  • rims/tires $1350
  • iPd wheel locks $37
  • jvc head unit $350
  • monitor $650
  • PS2 $300
  • RCA cables/wires $100
  • boost A/F gauge $100
  • floor mats $50
  • amber side lamps $100
Labor not added
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Ahh, the joys of ownership!

I won't even start with my list...it hurts thinking about it.

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Originally posted by Prospero:
I won't even start with my list...it hurts thinking about it.
Same here! The early days of fixing all the problems with my 240 sure did add up fast. $600 here, $1200 there. Then the mods started. I could probably part it out for double what I might be lucky to get selling it as a complete car.
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