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Bigger Brake Kit?

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After coming off of a few hard runs, both high speed and twisties, I have come to the conclusion my R could benefit from bigger brakes. Although I am currently running IPD slotted rotors, Metal Master pads and steel lines, I still don't have that "ultimate" confidence in the brakes; it stops well but it could be a tad firmer. Yes, the brakes have been bleed recently; I am just looking for that hard firm, German feel. Any thoughts?
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The stock brakes on our R constantly warp, and we've ordered a set of PBR pads and the slotted brakes.

The problem with many of the big brake kits out there is that you have to run 17s indefinitely. Living in the north east, that's not an option.

The other alternative we thought about, is to try to retrofit a set of S80 brakes to the 850. I haven't done the research yet, but I assume the S80 has a bigger, beefier setup than the 850...especially the T6.
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