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Bi-Xenon Headlamps (GDL) with Automatic Level Control

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I was on Volvo's website and noticed that Bi-Xenons are now listed as "Bi-Xenon Headlamps (GDL) with Automatic Level Control." I don't remember seeing them listed with automatic level control.

What exactly is automatic level control and has it always been a part of the Bi-Xenon offering? The description just says...

"Bi-Xenon lighting is based on gas discharge technology and is a headlight system that involves movable reflectors. This system combines low beam and high beam in the same lamp."

I hope automatic level control is not a fancy name for the moving reflector but is similar to other headlight systems where the plane of light is kept constant irrespective of the bumps that the vehicle travels on. Am I right?

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The automatic level control in the XC90 is used to slightly tilt the reflector and lamp downward to compensate for heavy loads in the rear suspension. It is only active during the first few feet of driving, up until the Nivomat rear shocks bring the vehicle back to level.
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