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I've been looking for an 850 replacement for a few weeks and I finally got a chance to look at a few cars. So far, two choices I've narrowed my search down to are as follows..

2004 S80 2.5 AWD 90k
2005 S80 2.5 AWD 45k

Both cars are pretty much the same as far as equipment goes, the '04 and bi-xenons, the '05 does not. Both are one owner cars sold and serviced at the local Volvo dealer.

The '04 hasn't had the timing belt service done, which I believe is done at 90k on that motor..or is it 105k?

I assume the '05 can still be CPO'd as long as I buy it from the Volvo dealer...

Any thoughts on these cars?

EDIT: Here are links to the cars...



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Re: Between two cars.. (nobbe3728)

I'd go for the '04 as its at a better price point and you can self-insure for future repairs. The xenons on the P2 S80 are really good. Mine had them and they made a world of difference. Also the seats on the '04 (2.9 style) are more comfortable than the seats on the '05-'06's (T6 style).

105k is the recommended t-belt interval mileage-wise, but don't forget that time is also a factor. 5 years is about right on these cars.
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