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My Volvo has died with 250,000 miles on her. I blew the head gasket last week and will probably donate to charity.

So time for some new wheels.

I am considering these 'sport' wagons :

-Volvo V70- (front wheel drive 2.5 L Turbo)-Practical w/good MPG
-Audi Quattro-(Allroad or A6 Quattro)-(Costly but luxury Hi performer)
-Subaru Outback (2.5 XT Limited)-(Reliable w/ so so MPG)
-Volkswagon Passat Turbo Diesel-(38MPG/HWY! but costly)

The Volvo seems to be the best choice overall right now.

For research, Edmunds.com has been the most helpful with consumerreports filling in the blanks for other info. Any other good sources for info. ?

My thinking is that getting a 2-3 year old model that still is under factory warranty is the way to get the most value for the dollar.

I have been using autotrader.com and ebay motors. However, most of these listings are from dealers. Less common are the private party ads where the better deals usually can be had. What are other used car markets ?

Ever used an auto broker or gone to a dealer auction ? Do you know anybody in the car business ?

I am soliciting your advice on selecting the right wagon and how to get the best deal.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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