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Best Oil for Modded Car? Motul?

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Hello everyone! I've read through most threads on oil that people have been using. But haven't heard a lot about Motul being used. Is it worth it upgrading to Motul for a higher quality synthetic oil? Or any other higher quality ones like AMSOIL or Royal Purple? I've been running Mobil 1, and just switched to Liqui Moly in my daily S60. But looking for something better for my modded S60 and anyones opinions, criticisms, etc on top tier oils.
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Mobile 1 changed every 5K miles. I’ve run it in multiple HP Volvo’s and it’s the spec oil for my Supercharged, 650HP Camaro, so It keeps my vote.

The key is frequent oil changes and any good quality synthetic of the appropriate viscosity for your environment.

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