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Best Oil for Modded Car? Motul?

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Hello everyone! I've read through most threads on oil that people have been using. But haven't heard a lot about Motul being used. Is it worth it upgrading to Motul for a higher quality synthetic oil? Or any other higher quality ones like AMSOIL or Royal Purple? I've been running Mobil 1, and just switched to Liqui Moly in my daily S60. But looking for something better for my modded S60 and anyones opinions, criticisms, etc on top tier oils.
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You can switch to boutique oils and they generally provide benefits - greater film strength, more exotic synthetic base stocks, etc.

However, without having to get exotic, M1 10w30HM is a very, very robust oil, scads tougher than it's other full-synthetic peers in the 5w-30 class and most other 10w-30s. HTHS (which basically decides how "tough" an oil is -film strength) is 3.5 vs. a typical 3.1/3.2 for most other 30 weights - is is an exponential scale so that is not a small difference. Unless you live in a fairly extreme cold climate, 10w30 offers no cold-start downside and considerable full-temp benefits.

For reference, Redline 10w-30, an excellent boutique oil, also has an HTHS of 3.5 - which is the top end of the "30" weight. A 3.6 becomes a (very thin) 40 weight - like most 0w-40s. I have run the Mobil 1 10w30HM in high-output, small displacement, high-pressure turbo engines (as well as many others), and had the oil laboratory tested after 7,500 miles. It was still within spec and doing well. I am sure other boutique oils would have been, too - like redline, Motul, etc. But for the ease of availability and relatively low cost vs. performance, it's my pick.
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