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This yellow car has been sitting in my driveway for over two years now. My father purchased it new in '82 and kept it up until about the 300,000 mile mark then gave it to his niece who didn't really take care of it but it got her through college. It was given to me and it now has 432 thousand and some change on it. It's had synthetic oil most of it's life and had the oil changed religiously. In fact he installed a valve in place of the oil drain plug to make it easier to drain the oil!

I had dreams of restoring it and sporting it out but I realize now that I not only don't have the time but don't have the funds to do it either. So I'm looking for some advice on what the best thing to do with it would be. Should I part it out? Sell it? I heard that this model is desired for fixing up. Is anyone here interested in this car? I'll post some pictures if anyone responds.

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