[*]Striking design thanks to HEICO SPORTIV Bodykit
[*]World premiere and live demo of Selected Sound® for T6 engine
[*]e.motion® power enhancement for D5 and T6 engines
[*]New 22" VOLUTION® sport wheel

Weiterstadt - The curtain is raised for the brand new Volvo XC90 by HEICO SPORTIV. The Volvo spe-cialist will show two attractive versions of the Volvo XC90 at Essen Motor Show 2015, Europe's lead-ing fair for performance vehicles, from November 28 to December 6 (November 27: Preview Day) on the booth from Continental in hall 3.

"The XC90 represents a new beginning for Volvo. For us, as an independent vehicle tuner, we've a unique opportunity to enhance an already-fascinating vehicle and give it an even more exclusive de-sign," says HEICO SPORTIV Managing Director, Holger Hedtke. "During product development, all our efforts focus on creating a perfect design and sophisticated detailed solutions."

Dress to impress: the Volvo XC90 Bodykit
Since time immemorial, HEICO SPORTIV's exterior components have been characterized by an inde-pendent and expressive design. The art thereof lies in HEICO SPORTIV's ability to integrate its compo-nents into the Volvo XC90's visual appearance. "Our products cannot look like add-ons - after all, our customers expect a harmonious, overall work of art," explains Holger Hedtke. "As always, our new Volvo XC90 Bodykit will also fulfill that expectation." The Bodykit comprises a PU-R-RIM front spoiler with a centric plastic lamella mesh, a rear skirt consisting of a PU-R-RIM upper section and mesh-structured PU lower section, as well as four integrated tailpipe trims. The standard fog lamps are re-tained.

The HEICO SPORTIV rear skirt can be combined with the standard end muffler or, optionally, with HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound®. To shorten the time to market and ensure the snuggest possible fit-ting, all parts were constructed using computer aided design (CAD). Plug & play interchange techniques are universally used to replace the original parts, and each component is compatible with all the various design options (i.e. Kinetic, Momentum, Inscription and R-Design). The components also come with a registration-free general operating license (ABE) including pedestrian protection testing.


The perfect sound experience: pure V8 sound for the Volvo XC90
In the course of its downsizing strategy, the automotive industry is increasingly turning to smaller, more efficient engines. With its Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) program, Volvo, too, has introduced a new generation for internal combustion and diesel engines, and will in future resort to turbocharged four-cylinder engines with a maximum of two liters cubic capacity. The upside of a smaller number of cylin-ders and better turbocharging is a cut in fuel consumption and weight. The downside, however, is me-diocre sound quality and emotion - creating an entirely new market niche.

"A challenge we're glad to take on," says Holger Hedtke. "With Selected Sound® we're the first after-market vendor to offer an optimally tuned solution for individualizing the engine sound and boosting emotionality."

Selected Sound® is a technology that HEICO SPORTIV designed and developed for sport exhaust sys-tems. The principle is: the HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® control unit passes driving characteristic-relevant data such as speed, rpm, load status and accelerator position from the CAN-BUS directly to a sound processor. The sound processor is, in turn, is connected with a conventional HEICO SPORTIV stainless steel end muffler and one actuator which models the desired acoustic pattern.

Tribute to the Volvo XC90 V8
To generate an authentic sound, HEICO SPORTIV's development team invested a great deal of precision work in the sound file. The result: Selected Sound® stimulates the senses and generates the unique sound backdrop of a high-volume 8-cylinder engine. A tribute to the Volvo XC90 V8. In doing so, the driver can choose between the series-produced sound or pure V8 ecstasy at any time. The system is enabled and disabled with the Volvo Drive-Mode button.

That is not needed for everyday use, however. The intelligent HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® control unit automatically enables Selected Sound® for a few seconds when the engine is started, before switching it to standby mode. As soon as the Volvo starts moving, the system is enabled again. For longer dis-tances at speeds of between 50-65 km/h, the system reverts to standby - a legal requirement. If the speed drops below 50 km/h or rises above 65 km/h, Selected Sound® is automatically enabled again.

Selected Sound® is compatible with the series-produced rear apron with trapezoid end pipes or, option-ally, with the HEICO SPORTIV rear apron and four end pipes. Selected Sound® is available for the VEA T6 engine and the VEA D5 engine incl. EC type approval. As the new control unit generation regulates all functions from a single control unit, Selected Sound® can be optionally combined with other HEICO SPORTIV products such as e.motion® performance enhancement, Speedpack and PowerSwitch.


HEICO SPORTIV e.motion®: the real power enhancement for D5 and T6 engines
HEICO SPORTIV is offering a power enhancement for the new Volvo XC90 D5 with a plus of 18 kW (25 hp) and 70 Newton meters torque since market launch. The version for the T6 follows now. Thanks to this power boost, the classy SUV has 250 kW / 340 hp (standard: 235 kW / 320 hp) and a torque of 470 Nm (400 Nm) now. The luxury SUV accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds, thereby surpassing the se-ries model by around one second. The maximum speed is 230 km/h.

HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® stands for "efficiency in motion". A proprietary HEICO SPORTIV technology for efficiently enhancing the performance of Volvo automobiles, it consists of a second, equivalent engine control unit that can be installed and activated in a flash thanks to the use of simple plug & play technology. The e.motion® variant for the new Volvo XC90 D5 involves next-generation hardware and software enabling various applications to be combined using a single control unit. A revolutionary, new-ly designed cable harness for Volvo's next generation of engines ensures quick and easy assembly.

The power enhancement comes with a 60-month warranty (max. 150,000 km) and an appraisal under §19 of the German Road Traffic Permit Act (StVZO). The Euro 6 pollution classification and exhaust val-ues remain unchanged.

For a perfect show: new VOLUTION® 22" sport wheels for the Volvo XC90
VOLUTION® V. 22" is an evolved version of the classical VOLUTION® V. wheel with its timeless five-spoke design. In the new interpretation, the spokes have a distinctly concave form, giving the wheel an even more dynamic and wider appearance. Technical highlights include undercut-milled spokes and manufacturing using a low-pressure casting process for weight reduction. The VOLUTION® V. in 22 inch is lighter than the standard wheel! The VOLUTION® V. 22" sport wheel is perfected with 285/35R22 tires and delivered in Black Diamond Cut.