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Be careful intalling Koni Shocks..

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Koni shipped bogus instructions with my sport shocks (and perhaps your shocks too)... they say to cut the strut 40mm down from the top. this could be dangerous. 40mm down is on the welding which connects the plate.

if you cut the strut, make sure it is above and clear of any welding. or use your best judgment when having to modify any part.

check pictures -

hope this helps, and good luck
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Why does the strut need to be cut if I may ask? Shouldn't that be Konis responsibility to send us quality material that all we have to do is put them on?
Snoogans -

Where did you get the Konis from? I haven't been able to find anyone local to me that has them. If my car turns out to be repairable, I was considering having them installed while the repairs are made to save some money. Thanks.

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Yep, I too had the same problem. I purchased mine thru the Tire Rack. I have since called both Tire Rack and Koni to air my displeasure. They say they will fix it...We will see.
Use your best judgement and don't cut through the spring seat weld, or you'll be buying a new strut....I also would recommend that you use a large pipe cutter. The hacksaw is a real b*tch...

it's just the way it has to be. i believe you can purchase shocks with struts, but it is very expensive. overall the quality is excellent. the koni shocks are a great improvement over the stock setup, especially with TME springs.


check out tirerack.com. they sell konis. i purchased my koni sport shock set from Volvo Plus Tuning - Christopher H. Taylor.

and carl, if it turns out your car can't be repairable - shoot me an e-mail? thanks
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