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If someone could help me out here. I need a battery cable with the fuse link for my 2013 S60 T5 that leads from the positive terminal to the fuse box. The software I believe gives me a few options. But I can't completely decipher the codes listed below the part numbers.

For example it list these three options:

5 Battery cable, - 1.00 30659268
CH -40229, BMS

Battery cable, - 1.00 30644808
FC 1; CH -332971, FC 2; CH 40230-332026, BMS

Battery cable 1.00 30659783
FC1; CH 332972-, FC 2; CH 332027-, BMS

And I believe this is another option that will require me to cut and splice:

11 Fuse, B+, 35 mm 1.00 31343764
CH -270159

Now, I believe that FC stands for "factory code" but I can't find a list of the factors codes. Also I can't find a reference for what "CH -" stands for. Is this for a chassis production number? If so where could i find this number on my car so that I purchase the correct cable?

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CH= chassis number, which is the last 6 of the VIN. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number is plastered on multiple body pieces through out the car, and maybe easiest found on the Vehicle Registration. Having the same number everywhere helps consumers identify which body parts have been replaced and helps identify totaled, reconstructed cars. The "-" before or after the CH indicate greater than or less than, e.g: "-000100" or "000100-". Other conventions may be used such as <, >, +, -, when dealing with auto parts websites.
Factory codes are found on decals in various places on the car. Best to check the owner's manual for locations. The manuals aren't always right, though. My paint code decal is elsewhere than specified. At least you'll see what it looks like that you're trying to find.
A good way to figure out parts issues is to go to a parts website like Tasca or Volvo Parts Web Store, and search the parts numbers you have.
Pardon me for maybe being too basic with my reply, but we write for the greater audience;)
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