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Badly whining turbo...

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A friend of mine has a stock, limited edition T5R with about 45 thousand miles on it.

Anyways, his turbo has developed a terrible whine. It's kind of hard to explain what it sounds like - I stress the fact that it's a whine and not a whistle - it sounds more like a loud supercharger than a turbo. Sounds like someone gasping for breath...

My guess is that it's got something to do with the turbo blades (I'm 99% sure this wine is from the turbo itself).

Please let me know what you guys think it could be, and what can be done about it. Also, if we can't determine the problem over the net, please throw some ideas at me about how we can determine what the problem is (he doesn't want to take it to the dealer).

Thanks for your help!
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i hear that noise in the morning, when my engine's not warmed up... and if the temperature gauge isn't at the middle, when you reach 2,000 rpm, the engine whines like HELL.

Maybe it's just south fla!! gotta love the weather,though

me, personally, i like gold coast, there's a lady there that works at the service center, and she's great, she gives me free diagnostics and resets the service light for free. I'm sure that if you buy her a Coke, and some chips, she'll give you a free diagnostic =)

good luck!
I heard some people said that it has something to do with the timing belt tensionor or the timing belt.
well, i've had the timing belt replaced. My mechanic told me that the car has to warm up first... haha, "mechanic's opinion", i could have told him that.

o well, hope it helps

i usually wait until the temp gauge gets halfway, about 5-10 minutes. The car does like the slightly cooler weather, here in s. FLA, about 70-75 deg. is cold!!
Regarding your turbo, I had a 1983 Nissan 280ZX turbo boosted to the gills and I had the same problem. I thought that the turbo was going bad and I spent $600 rebuilding it at Gabby's turbo shop by the airport, this was a long time ago when I used to live in Miami and his shop just had opened up and with my luck the noise came back a few weeks later, just blame the nasty humidity in south, FLA or warm your car properly prior to driving it.
Good luck.
Well the noise aside, is the boost ok? That is the first thing to check. If the boost is reduced then look into the intercooler hose connections, wastegate, and lastly the turbo. Very few volvo 850 turbo's fail unless debris was allowed in somehow via the airbox, damaging the compressor wheel.
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