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Baby's Got a New Pair of (used) Shoes! Help me pick a stance!

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'tis the season to don the summers, and thanks to Gary, TiNord has a beautiful new pair of shoes. Right now, I'm using a 10mm spacer up front and 15mm in the rear. The rims require a 5mm spacer to clear the calipers, and I'm feeling like the 10/15 combo is too much. Should I keep it as-is, or throw on the 5/10 combo?

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Lower it. For some reason it is sitting high like a monster truck.
with those wheels it needs to be lowered
I agree. Lowered it'll look better. As it sits now I vote for the 5/10 combo because the rears doesn't look flush from the pics.

Neither does the front actually.
Re: (GiRaff3)

lol, yeah, the total diameter of the rim/tire is smaller than my 17's!

I have the springs, but don't want to put them on (as I have a feeling that US Bank will try to eff me when it comes time to negotiate the buyout...)
F the bank. What they gonna say? Swap them out if you don't want to keep the ride.
Dang you Athruc! me likes
Re: (juve021)

This is a leased vehicle? DO NOT LOWER IT!
Re: (T5 for Life)

For all intensive purposes, I was going to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease, but seeing what's happening to resale prices and knowing what I'll owe, I don't want to put myself into that asinine of a financial position
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Re: (AthruC)

money is important yes, but that aside, those are some seksee wheels http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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I like the more aggressive stance from the spacers. Bringing it back in would hurt the aesthetics IMO.

Gotta lower!
Re: (m3nt0s)

Wheels http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
Too much ...they need to tuck in... but the whole lowering thing is a conundrum considering whether or not your buying the car...
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Re: (pafox)

five and dimes...me rikey.
lower it or sell them to me
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Re: (Forced5)

I would go 5/10 to tuck the wheels in. Then you should sell me your 15 mm spacers.
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Re: (Minn R)

Put a plow on it or lower it and get spacers. The monoblocks look better in 19's
there not monoblocks ..........
Re: (dectech1)

I am amazed at how repulsed I am by the way those rims stick out. I like the rims, but the wheels sticking out like that make it look like a cheap ghetto hooptie. Less is more! Nice looking rims though. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Adam, they look good dude!

As most of the peanut gallery has stated, the car needs to be lowered and the spacers need to be reduced. Other than that, http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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hmm trade for volutions ?
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