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Re: B30 in a 240? (240nut)


Where have you been?!

We were just in San Antonio March 4, 2006, with the Volvo Car Meet.

Anyway, yes, anything is possible - get out the cutting torch...

Everything will be in the way - crossmember, chassis sections, firewall, etc.

For $600 and a trailer-tow from Temple, Texas, you can be the proud owner of a '69 Volvo 164 (B30) that needs an alternator and battery. This car has been in a barn (no joke!) for at least ten years and the owner is a work buddy of mine.

Sure, you don't need another B30 engine and probably have a spare 240 at hand but for less than $1,000 total investment you can be hotrodding a vintage 164 to the Volvo Meets!

BTW, the 1973 Volvo 164E (B30FI) was quicker 0-60 than the standard Corvette of the same year - cool!

George Dill
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