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Re: B30 in a 240? (240nut)

Why on earth would you want to do that?
The B30 is basically a tractor engine with terrible fuel mileage, thoug it does run smoothly and has good torque. If you want to increase the fun factor, look for a wrecked 240 turbo - 82 or newer - and transplant the entire turbo powerplant, tranny, drive line, and rear axle assy. Then you can have lots of fun and get decent mileage. I did that swap in a 3-day weekend in my garage several years ago on a 79 242GT. Lots of fun to drive! Or find a nice clean 82-85 240 turbo and save yourself a lot of work (that assumes that half the fun is not doing the work and having a car that surprises folks)

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