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B20 Stroker Crank ipd/Paeco part from 1990.
Never used since re-welded to make stroke longer.
Will need a 1975 block or counterweights cut down, as they are too big to fit in a stock B20 block.

1974 B20, Block, Crank, Rods & Head, no flex-plate.
Needs overhaul/rebuild.
Will sell engine parts separately.
Engine pulled from a 145 automatic w/ 85k on the odometer. $250 obo.

1974 Intake Manifold. from same car. $30
1974 Radiator fan, Good shape, needs paint. $25

B18 6-bolt Crankshaft, Stock Journal/Bearing Size $200
B18 6-bolt Crankshaft, .020" under-size Journal/Bearing Size $200
B18 6-Bolt Rods from 1800S, balanced $100 3 sets available
*SOLD* B18 Block, bored for 2.0 piston size. $200 *SOLD*

Selling off 30+ year collection of extra B18/20 parts.

Misc, B18/20 bits and pieces, ask me and I'll see if I have it.
Buyer pays shipping, prefer local or meet-in-the middle pickup.
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