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Hi there,

I have a unique problem, or one that I have not found in any forum as yet. I have a Hydraulic oil leak from my AWD system, at the rear. The part where the Haldex sits on and where there is a probe/wiring loom going into it from the Haldex.

The fault I used to receive for my AWD failure was 'pressure too low' and after 3 days of checking, found that there was only 50ml left of Oil when it should be close to 900ml. So we drained the remainder and put in fresh Hydraulic Oil. All this was done at the Dealer.

Now, after a few days, I have the same front wheel slip indicating my AWD has failed again. And my rear bumper, is sprayed with Oil.

Upon inspection, we found that there could be a leak at the Hydraulic Pump or the Haldex. I didn't know the Oil would travel into the Haldex?? Using the Volvo computer, found there was no repair kit for Oil Rings/Seals or Gasket for the Pump or the Haldex.

Anyone can help me?
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