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Good evening!

Starting to get pretty dark these times. And I've totally forgotten my duty to install auxiliary lights on my car. I'd love if someone could hook me up with these two simple questions;

  1. Where is the closest ground location under drivers seat? I have tried looking at the wiring schematics, but I don't get it!
  2. How would I best borrow some signal from my high beam? I kinda dislike trying to splice the connection inside the lamp housing and run a messy extra cable from that. Possible to get some sort of relay adapter that can steal it similar to a Scotchlok but preferably less destructive!

Much appreciated for any help I can get! Might even do a how to in order to fill your list of DIY and howtos if it's good enough :) I want it as clean and proper as ever, so I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't be interested in that.

Also, in the topic of power. What is this:
Slideshow to see where it is
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