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AutoZone Offers Five Quick Tips for Better Gas Mileage

MEMPHIS, TN-- As gas prices continue their upward climb and families struggle to plan affordable summer vacations, consumers are exploring options to combat the pain at the pumps. The most effective weapon and the suggested first line of defense is a full tune-up, but there are several other ways drivers can beat high gas prices.

AutoZone (NYSE: AZO - news) suggests five effective ways to maximize fuel efficiency:

1. Make sure your air, oil and fuel filters are clean. And when you
change your oil, try using a lighter grade motor oil. The whole
job - the new filters and an oil change - costs less than two tanks of
2. Use fuel additives. Over time, carbon builds up around your fuel
injectors and blocks the flow of gas into your engine. If you pour
fuel injector cleaner into you gas tank, your vehicle will burn fuel
more efficiently and engine performance will increase.
3. Pack light! Extra weight kills your fuel efficiency. In fact, every
200 pounds of unnecessary weight shaves one mile per gallon off your
gas mileage.
4. Properly inflate your tires. According to the Department of Energy,
every pound per square inch of tire under-inflation wastes 4 million
gallons of gas per day in the U.S.
5. Accelerate and brake smoothly. If you smooth out your driving, you'll
lower your vehicle's demands for fuel.

For more ways drivers can improve their vehicle's fuel efficiency, check out AutoZone.com.

About AutoZone

AutoZone sells auto and light truck parts, chemicals and accessories through 2,972 AutoZone stores in 42 states in the U.S. plus the District of Columbia and 16 AutoZone stores in Mexico. AutoZone also sells heavy-duty truck parts through 49 TruckPro stores in 15 states, and automotive diagnostic and repair software through ALLDATA and diagnostic and repair information through alldatadiy.com.

SOURCE: AutoZone, Inc.
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