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AutoNews.Com Future Product Series


By the middle of this decade, both BMW AG and Volvo Car Corp. could have three sizes of sport utility wagons. These would include the V50 XC, V70 XC, and V90 XC for Volvo. BMW would have the X3, X5, and X7, the largest version of the X-Series. Mercedes will be entrenched in the compact segment with two volume-priced cars and Porsche will have a sport utility wagon in the near future.


S40/V50: The years are numbered for the S40 sedan and V40 wagon. NedCar, Volvo's joint venture with Mitsubishi that builds both cars in the Netherlands, will close in 2004. Their replacements will be built at Volvo's factory in Ghent, Belgium, in 2003 and share components with the next generation Ford Focus and the Mazda 323/Protege.

The wagon, likely to be renamed the V50, will serve as the basis of a small, AWD wagon that will be introduced the following year as the V50 XC (Cross Country).

S60: A sporty variant will be added to the S60 line next year. The sedan will be based on the AWD Performance Concept Car (PCC) unveiled at the Paris auto show last September. The vehicle featured a 300-hp, 2.4-liter turbo engine. The production car may be labeled the S60R, based on the "R" designation used for performance-oriented Volvos in the past. To pave the way, the regular S60 gets optional Haldex AWD this year. U.S. sales begin late this month.

V70/V70 Cross Country: Volvo is considering a less-expensive, FWD version of the V70 Cross Country for those who need the ruggedness of the XC without the need for AWD.

S80: The S80 is due for a minor facelift at the end of this fall which includes new exterior and interior components.

V90 XC (Cross Country): Volvo expects to introduce a taller, slightly more truck-like sport wagon next year based on the Adventure Concept Car (ACC) shown at the Detroit auto show in January. Though the name has not been disclosed, the likely moniker is V90 XC (Cross Country). The vehicle shares the large-car platform with the V70 Cross Country wagon.

C70: Volvo probably will drop the slow-selling C70 coupe and convertible after the 2002 model year.

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That'll be a shame if the C70 is dropped altogether. I could see a very attractive coupe based on the S60. A C60, if you will, would be mighty cool.
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