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Automatic oil change intervals.

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Hi guys, the S80 has about 57,xxx miles i wonder if anybody has an idea about tranny oil change date/miles?. On the manualr doesnt mention anything about it and i checked VIDA that the only information is how many liters (1, 4 lts) to fill.

Also, i need to get use to, i drove 5 speed for almost 9 years(my T5), i dont drive too my my wife XC90 2.5T so cant compare both transmissions, but the 3rd gear on my wife´s XC90 are a bit smooth than the S80. Maybe is just me.

Also, totally different question, does this car has fuel filer?, too lazy to check VIDA :rolleyes:
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As with most/all newer Volvos, there is no service interval for the transmission. I just replaced my fluid for the first time at about 194k miles, and it made a big difference in the performance of my transmission. I would recommend changing it every 50k miles if I had owned the car since the mileage was lower. If I were you, I'd change it now, and again around 100k etc.

And yes, of course the car has a fuel filler. How else would you put in the fuel? ;)
Thanks for the reply i will make he oil change, just need to figure out about the fuel filter because they didnt change it
Just did a drain/fill on mine (3.2) a couple of weeks ago. I measured 3.5 quarts drained then refilled with that exact amount. Noticeably better shifting. I plan to do it 2 more times to get closer to a complete change. You will need a couple of special tools, namely a T-55 (fill plug) & T-40 (level plug) Torx sockets and a 17mm drain plug tool to remove the level snorkel. These can be found online. I didn't have one at the time so I fashioned one using a 4" steel bolt that had an 11/16 head on it. I threaded two nuts on the other end and tack welded them to the bolt. The 11/16 head of the bolt fits the drain plug perfectly and I used a socket and drive on the nutted end. The 4" length was like an extension which worked great. Another good thing to have is a transmission funnel like the one iPd sells with the small flexible hose attached. Works perfectly compared to generic ones found at parts stores.

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Excellent write up Elfnmagik. Thanks.
great info!!!, my car shift really smooth, just the 2 to 3rd gear seems a bit hard(not much, just compared to my XC90) in the morning, after about 1/2 mile the shifting is really smooth so i guess is the oil that need to be changed.
Thats an excellent writeup. Thanks for sharing! This is exactly what we need on this forum. We really need to organize these how-to posts in a way that makes them easier to access. This forum's search function isn't the greatest in the world. Are there any active moderators in this section that have the permissions to work on this? If not, I volunteer!
Thats good idea, i did some on the s60 and im glad people are using the info. Will try to see if the dealer allow me to take pics or video of the process
Since I did a lot of research before on many different forums related to the change on the TF-80SC transmission and found several "how to's", I didn't want to do a complete DIY post, but you guys are right. The transmission fluid change should be sticky'd in the Gen II S80 section. I don't have time to be a moderator, but I can and will be contributing as I tend to my 80. With regard to the process itself, I prefer the drain/fill method on this tranny vs the flush I've done on my 850. I think it's simpler and fool proof since it doesn't have a dipstick for checking level.
well finally today got the transmission oil change. Hope people can check the pictures and process, its really simple and most of us can do it without special tools, just basic stuff.

First, i used 11 lts of oil, we followed the VIDA step by step. I will try to post VIDA and real pics to make a how´s to.

1. Removing the Air Filter box
2. After you remove the box, maf hose, and other parts, the next step is remove the torx 55 bolt that allow to fill the transmission with oil. Try to use a long handle(15"-18") to apply more torq.

3. The next step, remove the drain bolt (torx 40) under the TF80 transmission, be prepared to collect the oil coming from there. Then the Level snorkel so you will drain more oil.

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4. You put back the snorkel and torx 40 back. Fill with 2 lts of volvo transmission fluid and start the car, make some drive, reverse shift for about 2 sec. each with the brake pedal applied. Drain again aprox. 2 lts, install back the torx 40

5. Now you will need one hose to connect to the return line in the oil cooler which is located behind the radiator/fan. Volvo hose comes with the security clip like transmission oil hose does, but actually you can do it with any house with similar diameter and a clamp.

6. With the hose connected to the transmission cooler, you can fill with 4 lts again, this time be sure the hose goes to anything used to collect the fluid comming from the transmission. Start the engine in P. Keep the engine in idle for about 5 seconds and then shift from P to D for 2-3 seconds intervals on each position. IS REALLY important that someone on the front tell you when inside the hose the oil starts to shows some bubbles, this means the oil from the transmission is almost gone.

Fill again with 2 more lts, this time just stay on P for a few seconds when the bubbles inside the hose shows up. Repeat this process one more time.(fill with 2 lts, start the engine, stay in P and check for bubbles).

No you are almost done, time to check the oil level on the transmission. The level snorkel is kind of simple "tool" to let you know when the transmission is full, by removing the torx 40, the only thing that you are doing is checking the level, if the oil comming from the hole are just drops, it means you need to put back more oil, try to add just a few more until you dont see just drops. Then you are done. All the process suppose to be done aprox between 50-60C deg. (oil temp).

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now, install back the air box, engine plate, and you are ready to drive this amazing car for another 50k without to worry about your transmission. I was talking with the volvo tech there, seems that the old oil on the transmission was not too dirty, but it was not VOLVO oil, maybe mobil or toyota 3309 oil, but the interesting point here is about why volvo branded oil seems to work better. I was reading a lot on this forum and other sites people using mobil, toyota and ended with volvo oil again with great results and no more shifting problems. I didnt have any, just my 2-3 gear shifting was a bit hard(not too much, but compared to my XC90 2.5T was kind of hard), this just in the morning, after a mile didnt feel any hard shifting or anything similar again until next day.

Now with the new oil, is day and night all the time, the car feels completly different.

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Did you reset the TCM adaptation with VIDA or whatever?
Yes we did the TCM. I can confirm the transmission shift so smooth today in the morning.
well, on the weekend i did some MAF cleaning with the CRC maf cleaner spray, there is some interesting information that maybe can help people here. After i did it, i notice A LOT smooth shifting on my car, night and day on the 2-3 gear, i was thinking maybe is just my mind play around. Well i have about 4 days testing everything and YES, it makes a huge difference. Also my mpg is much more than before.
It has been discussed many times here, but I just wanted to point out that the Toyota T-IV fluid is EXACTLY the same fluid as the volvo stuff for roughly 1/10 the price. They are identical fluids, just in different bottles.

That said, my Volvo dealer replaced the fluid in my transmission with BG Products synthetic fluid. It meets all of the specs of the Volvo fluid, and I did noticed a marked improvement in the shift quality of my transmission upon replacement. They used the BG fluid without my authorization. I had assumed that they would have used the Volvo fluid (since they were a Volvo dealer), and it irritated me quite a bit at the time, however, we're 15k miles down the road now, and no harm done. Also, I have used that fluid before in my SVX prior to converting it to 5 Speed, and it's good stuff.
I dont remember the thread but there is one on R forum and also other in UK that sometimes owners made the fluid change with toyota and the the cars shows the same issues on shifting, replace again with volvo and then the issues were solved. I spent a lot of time in that area because before i got my S80 i was buying and auto R so a did some search of auto tranny threads. Like you said a lot of people said that he fluids are the same.

One of the offers from my dealer with the purchase was replacing the tranny oil, i just paid th labor(about $100 bucks)
In fact, why not forget the fill plug. If you can remove the drain plug and snorkel underneath, you should be in business. Do the draining, reinstall the snorkel ... and fill from below. Should be possible with a small diameter hose .... when the fluid will not longer "stay up" in the tranny, you know its full. You could also keep track of volumes. It you do a good job of planning ... you could keep the mess to a minimum. But this "procedure" has to be possible ... getting it to work just depends on skill.
Saving this one
I am getting the transmission fluid changed in my V8 tomorrow by a local very reputable independent trans shop.
Doing some research on the AWTF-80SC transmission I came up with this link to a Saab forum.

With that said,

The AWTF-80SC is in 06+ Aeros as well as the 1.9 Diesel versions. It is also called the TF-80SC (AWF21, AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL) and TF-81SC (AF21).

Recommended Fluid: GM Part # 93165147. Or if you dont want to spend $25 a liter from GM then you can go for the Ford Motorcraft XT-8-QAW Transmisson fluid. Exact same stuff but much cheaper at $8 a quart from your local Ford dealer.

Saab, as well as Volvo and Ford all recommend fluid changes at 30K intervals on these transmissions. And they really do need changing every 30K miles because there is no fluid filter in these transmissions. Just a pickup screen, which is why the fluid gets so dirty so fast.


I thought the fluid had to be heated to 50c-60c before refilling it into the transmission.

Is this the same transmission as in our S80's
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