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auto to manual swap?

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Hi, im new to the forum and world ov volvos in general. I am soon to purchase a 1996 850 R, with an automatic tranny. Is there anyway to swap a 5 speed in? Do the Rs even come in manuals from the factory? Thanks

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They do come with manual tranny, just not for US market. You can always try to source an R with manual from Canada, not easy to find, but can be done if you are lucky and look hard enough.

Tranny swap is going to be a big project..not impossible, just going to costly..and not sure if you would consider that worth the effort for what you gain.

So..you are in CO, eh? You can always look up David (from CO, too) and chat with him maybe you guys can even meet up or something. Just a thought....
Sounds great to me!
I'll be out in a couple of months for school, i'm in portland, OR rignt now for my summer sanity-break. But when in boulder i hang out with the Rocky Mtn. VCOA and the local bmw car group, so you'd be welcome to both and i'd be happy to meet up with ya and chat about cars.

The problem with the manual tranny swap is that you have to find a manual car ecu and tranny chip. They are kind of mated together do determine where the auto tranny shifts and how it's performing. SO you'd have to find an M50 transmission (i think right number for the "R") the ecu and the tcu.
It would be a tough install, but i'm sure if you call some volvo dealers in canada, they may be able to source some junkyards/new units for you to think about buying. I am STILL looking in canada for a manual, and to this day, should i find one, it will be mine (giving condition, miles etc..)
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