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hi. i'm kind of new here, and was wondering if anyone knew what the problem with my car is.

i have an '86 240, with an automatic transmission. recently, the gas pedal has become unbelievably easy to push. almost effortlessly. i cant seem to get down as far as i used to be able to however. also, i've been having problems with it shifting. it doesnt shift until about 4500-5000 rpms, no matter what position the throttle is in. if i slam it, it of course revs fast and shifts, but at half throttle, it revs slowly until 4500 rpm, then shifts.

tonight i was driving around, and put in a quart of transmission fluid. while i was under the hood, i noticed that the throttle cable seemed to be hanging out of its rubber hose. this was the lower throttle cable, the one that actually moves. when the engine is revved, it comes out fine and dandy, but it doesn't slide back into it's hose. after driving it with the cable pushed back in, the gas pedal was normal. but since it doesn't go back in, the gas pedal is back to nothingness, and it won't shift again.

so, my questions for you guys are these:
what is the problem, why is it happenning, and how can i fix it. also, how much will it cost, and can i do it myself.

oh, one more thing. my car idles at about 800-900 rpm. is that normal?

thanks a lot

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