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Ever since we bought the vehicle I wanted to have better sound -the "premium" system was acceptable, however I wanted to hear better sound then stock system produced. After endless searches on the web about upgrades to MOST systems I went to the shop I used before -the manager suggested that the only way to get better sound would be to remove stock system and install aftermarket components (HU, amp., possibly speakers) -which would cost alot more then I wanted to spend, and also would present problems such as losing steering wheel controls and possibly rear park assist.

After listening the CD the guy said: "It sounds pretty good for a stock system, I would not do anything w/ it".
Then he got out of the car and said: "Maybe you can use better tweeters".

We agreed that they will open one door and connect the tweeter-if I do not hear any difference I pay him small fee for the time spent.
They connected one BA tweeter, we rolled balance right-left few times -the difference was audible-the sound from new tweeter was more "open" and much clearer.

So they installed both tweeters under OEM covers-you cannot see that something was modified.

I think that for $150.00 it was a very good upgrade-it did not bring the sound to completely new level, but the sound IS better-OEM tweeters were "noisy" and not clear.
Tweeters are Boston Acoustics S-type w/ dedicated crossovers MSRP $150.00. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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