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Audio options for 2006 V70

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Just picked up a 2006 V70 2.5T.

It has the HU-650, and I am guessing 6 speakers; tweeters in the doors in front of the latches and 6.5" ? woofers below in both front and rear doors.

It sounds terrible.

I have done some searching and found out a few things though not specifically for this car and not for this HU.

I read this great write-up: http://www.jimrothe.com/volvo/volvo-dynaudio.html

but it applies to older models. Do the speaker upgrade part numbers apply to the 2006 V70 as well?

Will a V70 with the base speaker package be wired for the other speakers (I think the two missing will be the two tweeters in the D-pillars).

As for amplification - does the HU-650 have amplifier line-outs lik the HU-850 has?

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Hmm, well out of town, can I figure our where this is before you get back to them?

You want to match the interior colors on the plate in the engine bay; 4 digit alpha numeric starting with A, e.g. A970 or AA70 (v70 grey leather). I going to guess that the corresponding S60 color is 9970 or 9A70 and the last two digits denotes the same shade of grey(?).


I know for v70's dash plastic:
The '01-03 were the same.
The '04's were darker

The V70, S60 part numbers for '05 door panels are different from the '04 panels. I don't know what might have changed besides color from one model yar to the next, if anything.

The '04 V70 door panel part numbers appear to be the same as the S60, but different color codes are used--I will therefore assume the colors are the same--as I noted above.

A dealer parts desk should be able to sort this out for '06.
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