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Audio options for 2006 V70

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Just picked up a 2006 V70 2.5T.

It has the HU-650, and I am guessing 6 speakers; tweeters in the doors in front of the latches and 6.5" ? woofers below in both front and rear doors.

It sounds terrible.

I have done some searching and found out a few things though not specifically for this car and not for this HU.

I read this great write-up: http://www.jimrothe.com/volvo/volvo-dynaudio.html

but it applies to older models. Do the speaker upgrade part numbers apply to the 2006 V70 as well?

Will a V70 with the base speaker package be wired for the other speakers (I think the two missing will be the two tweeters in the D-pillars).

As for amplification - does the HU-650 have amplifier line-outs lik the HU-850 has?

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

You are not alone, Volvo eliminated access to the internal equalizer settings in the HU-x50 head units and sound quality suffered in the eyes (ears?) of many.

Just because you have the grills in front of the latches, does not mean there is a driver behind it. The base sound system (performance in Volvo lingo) had co-axials in the doors and no discrete tweeters. Put your ear right up to it and check it out.

There is no Dynaudio option for the P2 V70's (and S60's; P2= MY2001 and up). So, no, the part #'s do not apply.

Yes, your V70 should be wired for the D-pillar speakers and, if I'm not mistaken, you should have something back there now.

The HU-650 does have a line out (DIN plug) that can be hooked up to the oem aux amp (PA200 or 300) or to an aftermarket amp. The power cable for this amp is prewired under the front passenger seat, but you will need the HU to amp cables and amp to speaker harness (behind the HU) cable.
Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Good find on the sub.

The premium sound system is a true 3-way up front, there are crossovers in the front doors, IIRC; did you get them?

The premium woofer is larger than the perf and hi-perf coax, and there is the additional mid-range. The door panel reflects that.

I've never done this, but you might be able to fit the woofer behind the bottom grill in the front. It will occlude part of the speaker cone. And then you'll have to do something about the midrange. The premium grill itself is a separate part number and can be ordered alone. Have you thought about adapting the door panel for the midrange by cutting a hole in it and covering it with the oem premium sound grill? I once compared the two door panels and the dimensions were very close if I remember correctly. You could also enlarge the cut-out for the woofer, too.

Only one person on this forum ever attempted fitting aftermarket 8" drivers and they did not recommend anyone else try it. The oem works because of the custom integral housing. It doesn't lend itself to aftermarket drivers.

The premium drivers are made by Harman and are pretty good.

The premium tweeters are different part number & may be rated for higher output than the hi-perf, but on paper they don't look too much different. They are also rated for higher power. Specs for all the U's and speakers are here.

Which amp did you get, pa-200 or 300?
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Forgot about the filters on the on housings. I was thinking about the c70--I've got a full set of Dynaudio drivers from a coupe that I've yet to use; too much rework.

Last time I checked, the metal grills were something like $50-70.

I think the grills are glued to the panel & the parts listing says that they cannot be reused, I take that to mean that they get knackered when removed. If it is a hot melt, you could always try to warm it with a heat gun 1st, just watch out for the rest of the panel.

Check the part number for the amp here or post it and I'll look it up for you.
Re: (zoomin)

No, just watch your levels. I am running a pa300 with the perf sound system (lowest rated) speakers. You'll know when your speakers are being over driven.
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

I have VADIS 2005A and could not find that part number (30752258), but that doesn't mean much. Volvo uses a lot of different numbers for equivalent parts over the model years. Call your local dealer and ask them to look it up for you. It might be from MY07.

I'm getting this feeling of deja view all over again: I did this comparison a while back, here's how they shape up (below). It would take some cutting make an opening for the midrange to fit. It's not going to match the oem, but it may be acceptable; looks like a new grill would cover it up nicely. You would have to fashion some kind of cover piece to go under the grill where the midrange is. A nice piece of veneer to match the dash or piece of black acrylic would do it.

If my memory serve me the door panel measurements are nearly identical. That should not be too hard to determine.

There are now, presumably, more wrecks out there, maybe I can find me some door panels, too.

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Don't worry, I'm not lookin' too hard. http://********************/smile/emcocktl.gif
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Most, including me, have plugged in the new HU and been good to go. If something doesn't work, then maybe you will need a d/l. The new HU should recognize the amp, too w/o software d/l.

IIRC, there is a software download for the subwoofer, although I don't remember what it does. If you google search the forum maybe you can find out. Probably has something to do with a new setup in the HU to take advantage of the sub. Remember with the HU-X50's, Volvo removed access to the internal equalizer.

Also, if you are swapping HU's don't forget to disconnect the battery 1st if you are going to disconnect the CCM (Climate Control Module) otherwise it's a trip to the dealer & $100 to reset the srs error code.

HU install instructions
Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Quote, originally posted by zoomin »
(it's *her* car

That's my situation, too.
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Quote, originally posted by zoomin »
...I am allowed to make *my car* as *bumpy* and as *loud* as I want.

I've got potholes to do that for me.

My koni days are over, I like comfort +.
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

Hmm, well out of town, can I figure our where this is before you get back to them?

You want to match the interior colors on the plate in the engine bay; 4 digit alpha numeric starting with A, e.g. A970 or AA70 (v70 grey leather). I going to guess that the corresponding S60 color is 9970 or 9A70 and the last two digits denotes the same shade of grey(?).


I know for v70's dash plastic:
The '01-03 were the same.
The '04's were darker

The V70, S60 part numbers for '05 door panels are different from the '04 panels. I don't know what might have changed besides color from one model yar to the next, if anything.

The '04 V70 door panel part numbers appear to be the same as the S60, but different color codes are used--I will therefore assume the colors are the same--as I noted above.

A dealer parts desk should be able to sort this out for '06.
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