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Audio options for 2006 V70

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Just picked up a 2006 V70 2.5T.

It has the HU-650, and I am guessing 6 speakers; tweeters in the doors in front of the latches and 6.5" ? woofers below in both front and rear doors.

It sounds terrible.

I have done some searching and found out a few things though not specifically for this car and not for this HU.

I read this great write-up: http://www.jimrothe.com/volvo/volvo-dynaudio.html

but it applies to older models. Do the speaker upgrade part numbers apply to the 2006 V70 as well?

Will a V70 with the base speaker package be wired for the other speakers (I think the two missing will be the two tweeters in the D-pillars).

As for amplification - does the HU-650 have amplifier line-outs lik the HU-850 has?

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

I checked and I do have speakers in the doors by the handles as well as the woofers down below.

There are speakers already in the D-pillars.

I found a wrecked V70R at the local Volvo graveyard and it had the Premium package. One side was wrecked though so no passengers side front door speaker pod but i got most of the rest: HU-850, powered sub unit that goes in with the spare tire, amplifier for under the passenger seat and the remainder of the speakers.

It looks like i have both connectors for the amp under the passenger seat - they are taped together.

I have already tried the sub out - my car is pre-wired for it.

My door panels are not the ones that are designed for these two-way speaker modules. I guess i will need to get different door panels if I want to use them? Or maybe just change that small part of the door panel?

The wrecker forgot to pull the tweeters from the front doors, but are they going to be any different then the ones I already have?

This is a good start i think, but seeing these two-way mounts with the 8" woofer makes me think some nice aftermarket three-way components will fit in there at some point...
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

There are capacitors in the housing that holds the woofer and midrange driver for the front door panels so i am guessing that this is the crossover and that there is not some other box in the door panel somewhere.

I will try and get it to fit with the regular door panels, but it is good news that the speaker cove panel can be purchased separately from the panel as finding the whole premium sound panel in my color on the used market would be difficult and expensive. Though new from the dealer the speaker cover might be the same price...

I am not too sure on the amp - it is not market with either PA-200 or PA-300. I'll try and match the other numbers at some point.
Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

I looked on this site:

and I can't match any of the numbers on the amp: 30752258, CDV5A, 07W07

I got one tweeter out of the drivers side door, and I cross-referenced and the D-pillar drivers are the same in all the audio packages.

So all I need now to complete the premium sound update is passengers side front door speakers ... and door panels?

I just read another thread here http://www.volvoxc.com/forums/...=5644 which seems to indicate that I will need to find new door panels if I want to use the Premium midrange and woofer module; there won't be enough room in mine and of course there will be no way for the sound to escape the panel for the midrange.
Any risk installing the amp and sub and just leaving the rest of the speakers as they are for the time being?
Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

Thanks MrTippy.

Hopefully we have different interior colours or we'll be bidding against each other on ebay for those Premium panels
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

I plugged in the sub this morning just with my existing setup and it fills in the bottom end quite nicely.

This weekend when I swap out the head unit and install the amp, will I need to go to the dealership for a software update of some sort?
Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (ss60)

I have been looking at those - there is also a single but I need the passenger side and that is the drivers side.

Like Mr Tippy and I were discussing though, it's the door panels that will probably be the rate-determining step for me in getting the full Premium kit installed. I do not want to pay dealership prices for them and I don't think the wife would like it if I started frankensteining the ones we have (it's *her* car

Until then, I'll run the older speakers in the doors and swap out the rear speakers (the D-pillars are the same so I have a pair for sale).

As for the cleansweep - would you recommend using that with the factory amp?

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

Quote, originally posted by MrTippy »

That's my situation, too.


I'm not complaining too much.

Now that we are a two car family, I am allowed to make *my car* as *bumpy* and as *loud* as I want.

That means new high-flow exhaust and Koni+Eibach suspension upgrade's in my future!
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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (MrTippy)

Well I was driving past a Volvo Graveyard this morning well out of town and decided to stop in.

They had a number of S60s and put together a pair of door panels with PRemium Sound speaker covers from two different S60s that seem to match our 2006 V70 interior.

Unfortunately I was in our other car so I could not compare side-by-side. Before I go up there again with the V70, does anyone have any idea what model years and models have the same door panels?

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