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Audio options for 2006 V70

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Just picked up a 2006 V70 2.5T.

It has the HU-650, and I am guessing 6 speakers; tweeters in the doors in front of the latches and 6.5" ? woofers below in both front and rear doors.

It sounds terrible.

I have done some searching and found out a few things though not specifically for this car and not for this HU.

I read this great write-up: http://www.jimrothe.com/volvo/volvo-dynaudio.html

but it applies to older models. Do the speaker upgrade part numbers apply to the 2006 V70 as well?

Will a V70 with the base speaker package be wired for the other speakers (I think the two missing will be the two tweeters in the D-pillars).

As for amplification - does the HU-650 have amplifier line-outs lik the HU-850 has?

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Re: Audio options for 2006 V70 (zoomin)

some ideas:

Here are a nice set of the premium drivers (front doors) for sale on ebay

A JL Cleansweep (441), does wonders for recovering missing portions of the output from Volvo headunits. I put one in my car so that I could get away with using an iPod as a sound source. (i.e. compensate for the poor dsp in the iPod), but when testing found that Volvo HU was also a contributing culprit in the poor sound quality.
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