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I have wasted a lot of time trying to find a good option for mounting my iPod in my car without removing it from its protective cover. I finally found the solution - and iLounge HAS NEVER EVEN REVIEWED IT! Before I begin, here are my specifics, but this should apply to all iPods and most cases:

30GB iPod 5G
iSkin eVo3
Volvo S60 2004

I initially got my iPod for Christmas. I was ecstatic. Then, I set up my DLO Transpod in my car and was blown away. The sound quality for an FM transmitter was great. The mounting appearance was slick. Then I got my first scratch. Yeah, I understand it happens, but I immediately began searching for a case.

I read as many reviews as I could find. My #1 priority was something slender that would still allow me to put my iPod in my pocket and go. I personally favor the tight rubberized cases, so that's where I focused my attention. I tried 2 different styles and returned them before picking the eVo3. It was a thinig of beauty.

However, it was too big for the Transpod - barely. So I set out to "adjust" the Transpod to fit my iPod with case. Fire and Transpod don't mix. I ended up with a charred Transpod that couldn't maintain a solid connection to the iPod dock. Ouch - waste of $100. So now I tried to find a case that would accomodate my eVo3.

Wouldn't you know it, there is next to nothing available for iPod with a case. The only option I could find was ProClip which was actually a great case, except the mount and holder together cost close to $100 - without even talking about a way to output music to the stereo! Also, clipping to a vent seemed like a bad idea - especially in New Orleans where AC is a must.

After almost giving up, I chanced upon an option at Best Buy - not in the iPod section, in the car stereo section. The Belkin OmniDock-L. This was absolutely perfect. Designed for PDA use, it perfectly adjusts the the iPod with a case. Some may not like the cupholder design, but Volvo owners will understand its draw - the cupholder fits into the useless storage cubby hole in the dash near the driver.

I can't believe iLounge has ignored this. In fact, I was hard pressed to find this on the Belkin site. For me, it's the perfect solution at about $20. I popped for the Kensington FM transmitter and now have a perfectly integrated iPod/Volvo solution (short of a custom direct install to the Volvo stereo).
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