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Anything special to look for

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Hey, I've been lurking and reading a bit, but registered to ask a question or two.

I'm considering buying a early 90s 740 turbo for a daily driver/basic performance upgraded car and am wondering what exactly would be the things to look for in it?

It's got 207k+ on the clock and appears to be stock, with a Garrett turbo. Can't remember which one though... The person who's selling it thinks everything is gonna go out on it soon, so she's wanting to sell it to me for 400$.

Any help in determining whether or not this is a good consideration would be greatly appreciated
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Inspect the turbo for shaft play.

Inspect the intercooler hoses because they're probably rotted out due to oil saturation.

If it makes boost and doesn't blow smoke, it should run a while. If the turbo is original, it may be dying or it may last another 50K. If it's a rebuilt turbo, find out how many miles, how often the oil was changed, and whether synthetic was used.

If you want to go even further, check the radiator. If it has plastic end tanks, be prepared to replace it. Do a compression/leakdown test. Compression should be around 140-160psi. For $400, expect some brake, exhaust, and/or suspension work, but that's cheap and easy.

I knew to check the turbo for shaft play, it is a rebuild and has none. Was rebuilt about 20k miles ago.

IC hoses I didn't have a chance to check (the turbo was off the car). Also little is known about the history of the car. A mechanic here took it in for work, and the person never showed back up and forfeited the car. I get it for cost of repairs (transmission I beleive)

I'll also check the radiator; didn't know about the plastic endtanks; thanks

Originally posted by Newspimp:
I'll also check the radiator; didn't know about the plastic endtanks; thanks
They work fine, but don't age well. A simple rad hose replacement can quickly necessitate changing the radiator because the plastic crumbles.

Check the exhaust manifold for cracks or broken studs. Sometimes when a turbo is replaced, the support bracket(s) aren't reinstalled so more stress is put on the studs. The '90+ manifolds are still prone to cracking despite the connected ports (a change from the earlier manifolds). If the turbo/manifold is off, now would be a perfect time to check. Just something to remember for the future if you develop an exhaust leak.

I don't own a turbo, so I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. Here's a great resource for the 700/900 series:


BTW, see my links page below under New Parts for some great online sources. FCP Groton and IPS are two of my favorites.
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Re: (Newspimp)

OK, that one was sold, but foudn an 85 740 turbo, fairly high milage, for 200$. The turbo is in so-so condition, motor is OK, but may have been run really low on oil once (says the shop owner) and it runs, but not sure for how long. If nothing else, perhaps a new motor or a Volv8 conversion could be in store.

Don't think 200$ is too high, do ya?
Re: (Newspimp)

Bought it. I got it for 200 dollars. Talked and may be doing a nice little motor swap soon.
Re: (Newspimp)

Can't really go wrong for $200. Congrats on the new (to you http://********************/smile/emwink.gif 740. http://********************/smile/emwink.gif
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