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anyone want to post up a how-to on odometer gear replacement?

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Yes, my 850 ODO isnt working, i bought the gear from a vendor on ebay, and they forgot to include the instructions regarding how to remove the cluster from the dash and install the odometer gear, im sure if i got the cluster out, i'd be able to disassemble it and swap the gears.

Its the taking the cluster out of the dash that im leery of, as 13 year old plastic bits acan be brittle and tend to break very easily, i'd rather not run around for the next month spending my hard earned money on dash pieces that are in great shape now but may not be if i go meandering through the dash tugging and pulling and prying. What must be removed? Where are the screws located?

Please help! Dont want to break anything!
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well, that was a PITA. I got it done though. LOL had to use the edge of a knife several times once i got the actual odometer out of the cluster. Dont want to do that again. Much different from the older cars im used to with3-4 screws and the its out.
Re: (nextproject)

I had similar difficulties the first time I pulled the cluster on my parents 850 (to replace the cluster light bulbs), but the second time I had to pull the cluster to replace the odometer gear it took me at most fifteen minutes http://********************/smile/emthup.gif Have a brilliant evening one and all
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Yeah, learning as you go was the pain. I imagine pulling it the second time with give similar results.
Re: (nextproject)

Wow, thanks guys. Originally, I was ready to spend $25.00 for the wheel (what a rip-off!) from one of the vendors off this site. Thanks to this thread, I bought one today from ebay for $14.00 including shipping. I also didn't have to spend another $25 for the instructional cd!!!

You guys are the best. Thanks a million! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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