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Brought my recently purchased CPO 2018 V90 to dealer for a warranty issue. They mentioned the underside of rear bumper was cut away and a “aftermarket trailer hitch” had been installed. Had no clue and none of this is visible from rear.

Photo is from ground looking up just under middle rear of car. Bottom of pic is the underside of my Bright Silver bumper and top of pic would be towards front of car.

Anyone know what this is? Have no other parts for it nor info on what it is.
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It is not an InvisiHitch. Kind of looks like a Stealth Health. Both of which are awesome. Is there a 7-pin or 4-pin wiring harness nearby? If no, then owner probably just used it with a receiver for a bike rack. Check in the cargo / tire area to see if the hitch and/or receiver adapters are there.

If interested in using the hitch and Stealth hitch is confirmed, then you can order the adapter.

See 2017-2021 Volvo V90

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