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Has anyone purchased Eurosport's exhaust system for an 850 Turbo? Were you happy with the quality of the work? I'm thinking of buying a system soon but would prefer to wait and hear back from anyone who may've purchased one recently. I'd be interested to know how good the welding and overall workmanship is on their systems. Where are they made? Do they have decent delivery times?

Eurosport sells upgraded ECU for a little bit cheaper if you purchase both exhaust and ECU as a package...quoted at $429.00 for exhaust and $499.00 for RICA ECU. Has anyone ever had issues with RICA ECU's? Why is RICA cheaper than IPD's ECU?

IPD advertises their upgrade ECU's for $695.00 and exhaust system for $625.00..........What Tuning places should I stay away from?

Thanks! Much appreciated.....

95 T5R

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