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Anyone knows the on-line address...

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for an electronic technical service information for volvo. audi has one on-line which lists technical bulletins(recalls), circular campaigns, and service circulars. thanks
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Try the one below, it is the best source that I know of:

All-Data Recalls


You might want to try the Volvo owners circle as well. They have a lot of information over there:

Register Volvo Owners Circle


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This was helpful. I liked the owners circle very much. if you find a better updated site for technical bulletins like this one for audi http://tech.vw.com/audi/index.htm please post thanks!!!!

I think that NHTSA has the best and most up to date TSB site on the internet, check it out, the 2001 S60 has 2 TSB's on it:

NHTSA Techincal Service Bulletins


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Thanks for the web sites. They will provide all Volvo owners with valuable information. I especially like the Volvo Owners site.

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